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A's May Practices

Saturday May 15th Times at Fossil Ridge HS:

8:30a-10:30a FR Dodgers / FR Astros

10:30a-12:30p FR Nationals / FR Rangers / FR D-Backs

12:30p-2:30p SO Pirates / SO Rays

2:30p-4:30p SO Yankees / SO Red Sox

4:30p-6:30p JR Braves / JR Reds


Most hotels have been posted! Please go in a make reservations as soon as possible!

Go to your "Schedule" on your Team Page and click the red "Hotels Here" Button to see the travel page. If it says "MANDATORY STAY TO PLAY" that means it is required for you to stay at this hotel. If it says "PARENT CHOICE/OPTION" that means you can choose any hotel you want for that travel tournament.

Please double check the "Cut off dates" and make reservations before the cut off date. If it says "TBA" still that means we are still waiting for the reservation link to be sent to us for that tournament.



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